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RFK Jr. Speech on Campus and my Response

September 17, 2009

So I have just returned from a speech given to UK (required for some students!) from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Now an environmentalist, Kennedy basically rails against coal and for alternative energy sources such as wind power. He also believes electric cars are a gift straight from the hand of God.

I’m basically writing a response to what was said there and sending it in to be published in the campus newspaper.

“Global Warming is the most important issue facing our country right now” said Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in front of a packed crowd at Memorial Coliseum. I take issue with that statement. I’m not here to get into a debate on Global Warming, but would like to ask Mr. Kennedy how he could say such a thing.

We are currently engaged in two major conflicts, in Iraq and of course, with the recent troop deployments, in Afghanistan. We have over 10% unemployment, an outrageously high number and about 44 million people who have no healthcare. And Global Warming is our biggest issue? I’m not here to hate on the environment, but are there a massive number of environment-related casualties that I’m unaware of? Did you know that since 2001, the earth has actually been cooling? January 2008 was one of the coldest months in 20 years and since 2007 we have seen a massive drop in climate.

I’m not a scientist. And won’t pretend to be. I certainly don’t have all the facts. But I do know that right now, America is at a crossroads. With recent bailouts slapping Adam Smith in the face and some of the most important pieces of legislation ever passing through congress, we can’t worry about Global Warming.

We achieve this, not by healthcare reform or tax reform or environment reform, but by POLITICIAN REFORM! We need to send responsible, concerned citizens to Washington, not lifetime politicians looking out for nothing but getting re-elected. Dr. Rand Paul is the change this country needs. As Senator, will never vote for an unbalanced budget and will not accept donations from those looking for a kick-back once he’s in power. He’s by the people and for the people and will help put a stop to reckless spending in Washington and focus on this Country’s real problems.


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  1. rich permalink

    Kentucky is truely in a unique situation. You guys have a chance to elect what would imo be the most ethical, honest and trustworthy senator of our time. If Rand is anything like Ron and I believe he is you guys have the opportunity to elect a politican that is a statesman similar in ideas to that of Thomas Jefferson. Please don’t let this opportunity pass you guys up and do the right thing!

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