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The Rand Paul Money Bomb and Why it’s important that YOU Donate

September 21, 2009

On Wednesday, September 23rd 2009, Trey Grayson is going to DC for a Fundraiser with some big time Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell. After kicking Jim Bunning out of office by cutting his funding, ole Mitch has seemingly picked Trey Grayson to fill that seat. I’m glad we have a democracy in this country, because I think I would hate a system where where men in power appoint positions instead of the people choosing for themselves…oh, wait?

There’s a story about a man who gets his car stuck in a mud hole. He goes to a nearby farm and asks for help and the farmer says, “Ok, but it’s going to cost you 20 bucks because this is the 8th time today I’ve had to pull a car out from there.” The man responds, “Wow, when do you have time to plant your crops? At night?” The farmer says: “No, no, at night is when I fill the hole with water.”

Well, the career politicians in DC are the farmers filling the holes at night and telling us to not worry about it or “we wouldn’t understand”, hoping we wouldn’t notice. We I think we noticed!! For the first time in a long time, we’ve got a chance for change. It’s the establishment vs. the people. The career politician vs. the concerned citizen. NOW is the time to act!!

Rand Paul isn’t too popular among the DC elite because he noticed, and he’s not afraid to speak up!! That’s why we, the people, must help Rand in his cause. This Tuesday we have a chance to put a stop to reckless spending in Washington by donating to the Rand Paul campaign! Mark your calenders, set your alarms and write your newspapers, for Wednesday is the day when the people of the United States and the great Commonwealth of Kentucky take a stand and fight against the DC establishment and a Trey Grayson fundraiser and help put Rand Paul in the United States Senate!!!!!

Donate here.


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  1. Eric permalink

    Here, here!

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