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Rand Paul invades UK

November 4, 2009

In front of a good crowd at the MIK Library on the campus of University of Kentucky, Rand Paul was the only major US Senate Candidate to show his face. He took the 3+ hour drive across the state while the other major candidates were nowhere to be seen.(have you ever driven that 20 minutes from Frankfort to Lexington? It’s just brutal) Although, Trey Grayson, despite a failing effort to actually be at the event, was gracious enough to contact the moderator (when I say “contact” I mean he accepted the moderator’s call) and gave an eloquent apology to why he couldn’t be there (when I say, “eloquent apology” I mean he talked about a possible 10th Senate Candidate and a shout out to some girl from his High School who claims she’s never met him.)

But on to those who weren’t too busy doing other things more important than visiting the state’s largest University, they each got multiple opportunities to speak for a minute or two. Rand did an excellent job speaking, however got some boo’s (when I say “boo’s” I mean from one lady who, apparently, is associated with the Bill Johnson campaign. I know this because she almost impaired my hearing with her shouts of utter joy when Bill had finished speaking) Basically, from listening to the candidates, I was able to come away with 3 things:

1) Nothing is more important to Bill Johnson than the American Flag. (That being said, Bill’s a great guy and a solid conservative, but it’s going to be hard for him to win on Patriotism alone, which is what he’s trying to do. The war was the only “issue” I can remember him even discussing.

2) Darlene Fitgerald Price (Democrat) is the ONLY person in the World who has ANY experience with the army and the war on drugs. She had some decent ideas, but it didn’t take me long to lose her.

3) Rand Paul has what we like to call “solutions”. I thought about suggesting these to the other candidates, but I didn’t want to confuse anyone. As the other candidates were clinging to using big words and the blame-game, Rand took a step back and said “Look, we’re all to blame. So let’s stop the partisan bickering and get something done. And as usual, Rand Paul’s calm, collective demeanor (even amongst the boo birds from the back) showed that he’s ready for this job and ready now.

However, I have to pick my FAVORITE moment from the day. There were many, including an appearance from Ronald Reagan’s ghost and  a short appearance from everyone’s favorite video-stalker, but this moment wins BEST MOMENT award, and it wasn’t too close:

So Rand gets up for the closing remarks and is thanking everyone and finishes with saying that both the Republicans and the Democrats are to blame, that the debt was awful under the Bush Administration and has gotten even worse under the Obama Administration, and it’s our job to fix it or our children will take the bill.

Then Darlene Price gets up and has the nerve to say “Stop Blaming it on the Democrats. Bush was equally as bad.” This is my favorite moment for two reasons. 1) Ms. Price either didn’t understand what Rand said or wasn’t listening, but does it really matter? What a ridiculous thing to say, especially after Rand had just gotten finished addressing it. 2) She said something to the effect of, the problem being just as much Republicans fault…SO SHE ADMITS THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM. She admits there is a problem and then rails against Rand for talking about reducing the size of government. Lack of common sense, perhaps? It’s just shocking that she’s in the Top 10 spots for one of the Highest Jobs in the land.


So if you weren’t there, you didn’t miss much. Rand showed why he is now the front runner in this race and everyone else just played politics as usual. You’d think they would have learned by now….



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  1. This was my first political event being present at and the first time I have fully engaged myself into the realm of politics (aside from the last election). And I must say, I was impressed.

    Last November I voted (for the first time) for Obama. I was confident in the “changes” that were being mentioned were soon to take place. A year later and those changes have been few and far between, and I’m not best pleased about that. I expected more, as did the American people. Sure that time may come if the healthcare bill actually does good and the Economy starts to shape up but I just don’t see it, at least not anytime in the near future.

    So what this Roundtable event provided me with was the ability to learn more and understand more about those who want to represent us Kentuckians on a national level. And the common theme that I noticed was…

    Congress does not represent the people it is suppose to any more. Almost all of the senate candidates mentioned our unjust spending, the bailout of wall street, and “bribes” the people of congress receive to push forth the views of corporate America.

    While I am pushing for Rand to do well what I really want to see from whoever wins is this notion of “us” versus “them” to simply, go away. As Rand stated; we are all responsible for this, both republicans and democrats, but what needs to be addressed is making sure what WILL be best for future generations and generations that have yet to have their turn.

    (By the way, I thought Rand was the most professional and was clear in what has gotten us to the problem in the first place.)

  2. Dan permalink

    “I mean he talked about a possible 10th Senate Candidate”

    Could you elaborate? What does this mean?

  3. dsking6 permalink

    Mike– That’s great. It’s great to see you get more involved. You’re right, he was certainly the most professional one there. It’s hard to deny that. You just don’t get the same sense of “politics as usual” with Rand.

    Tracy– Thanks!! Extra help spreading my blog is always appreciated!

    Dan– There’s no word on who it is for sure and I didn’t exactly hear all of what he was saying (he WAS on a phone, through the mic) but it shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

    And I can only imagine another candidate only helping Rand. Rand’s base is very passionate and know that this is the guy they want representing them in Washington. Trey’s base is more the open-minded Republicans, who might be willing to reach for another candidate if they had the name recognition.

    I think the only way Rand gets hurt by this is if it is, in fact, another libertarian-leaning, conservative Republican with name recognition.

  4. kenny permalink

    Actually, I think you should be concerned about the 10th candidate. I notice on this WHAS story they also mention another candidate. You see how candidates like Rand don’t mind bashing Republicans when they deserve it (they often do). The Republicans hate that and will work hard against him. They must be planning to put someone up against him. You must get involved with his campaign and with the Republican party if you want him and others like him to win. Yesterday, many liberty candidates won local races all around this country. We need many more and Rand can win.

  5. dsking6 permalink

    I’m not saying they’re going to be a “no factor”, just that I think Rand’s position as a frontrunner will be untouched.

    I can’t imagine them running another establishment republican, especially one as popular as Trey. I’m not sure if they’re out there at this point. And a liberty-type candidate could no doubt take some of Rand’s votes, but it’s hard to see him taking over Rand’s spot atop the polls with Rand’s growing and already established name.

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