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Rand at the Townhall Meeting

November 14, 2009

In front of yet another standing room only crowd, despite an important Kentucky football game, Rand once again did a great job speaking. He was introduced by Chris Hightower and opened with a short speech, again followed by questions.

Rand’s day at the healthcare town-hall forum can be summed up with two points: 1) problems with the current bill and 2) how to fix it. He stressed that the problem is too much government, not too little. He also was quick to point out that the problem isn’t access, its cost. The “46 million uninsured” the proponents of health care like to throw out is extremely inaccurate, or disingenuous at best.

He had his simple solution ready to go: capitalism. Capitalism hasn’t failed health care in America, he said. “Its not capitalism.” And he’s right. Some costs are set by the government already, which does not allow for price competition. This is the problem, and its not capitalism.

As one foreign-born member of the crowd pointed out, “people come to America, not Europe, for health care. And that’s because its the best health care in the world.”

In both events, Rand made sure the crowd knew the importance of electing conservative republicans all over the country, not just in Kentucky, and that if elected, he would help fight to get these people elected.

As I’ve said before, another big day for Rand. He had huge crowds that were standing room only at both events and got many ovations. Unfortunately, the events lacked the certain excitement of “pancakes” from the Grayson campaign or the boo birds from the Johnson campaign, but when Rand Paul is speaking, you never leave disappointed.


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