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Because Rand Paul wants it more…

November 16, 2009

The man who's taken the political world by storm.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the recent poll: Rand Paul 38, Trey Grayson 35. It’s becoming known has the “Poll heard ’round the world.” Rand Paul, a constitutional conservative eye doctor, is taking on the Mitch McConnell-backed Trey Grayson, aka Goliath. But Rand’s got more than a few stones in his bag, and deadly accuracy.

It’s unheard of to go from 11 points down to 3 points up. After the initial shock (and excitement), its led me to ask “why?” Are the people of Kentucky actually diving in and looking into the issues? Is it Rand’s superior speaking ability? Is it mistakes and inexperience from the Grayson camp? But I realize it really boils down to this: Rand Paul wants it more.

Rand and his trusted campaign employees (namely Chris Hightower, Christi Gillespie and David Adams) have been doing events early, often and, well….often. In the month of October, on SATURDAY’S ALONE, the Paul campaign did over 10 events. That’s an event and a half a day. Plus there’s over 20 for the month of October. Taking Sunday’s off, Dr. Paul comes remarkably close to a campaign event PER DAY.

Now, venture over to Mr. Grayson’s website. Find “Campaign Events” and click on it. You’ll find five separate links (not just for one month, but on the whole site including archives). The first four links are about Trey’s KY tour and kicking his campaign off. The last one is a campaign tour highlights video (below) which consists of, well, nothing. Not to mention he has been a no show since announcing he was running for Senate.

I live in Lexington, so let’s just use it as an example. Buck Ryan holds a Citizens Forum Roundtable on UK’s Campus for the Students, and Rand Paul drives over three hours to get there while Trey calls in, being only twenty minutes away. Rand has come back to Lexington for two other events, a GOP Breakfast and a town-hall. I’ve never seen any Grayson events in the area. A great example of this work ethic: last Saturday, after speaking TWICE earlier that morning and scheduled to speak again in just hours, the Campaign got wind of a tea party in the area so they added it to the schedule as well. He’s as busy as can be ALREADY (remember, it’s not like the primary is in a few weeks. It’s NOVEMBER folks.) with townhalls and dinners already scheduled into April.

If there’s anything in this race that’s clear, it’s that the Paul campaign wants it more. They’ve been non-stop and are out there talking about the issues. It’s clear that Rand has drawn a group of dedicated individuals to work and volunteer for him who are eager to win. By doing so, it’s clear to me that Rand Paul and his campaign just might out work any campaign in America. If that’s not a clear sign that Rand truly wants to get up there and change this country, I don’t know what is.

The ever exciting and ever busy Grayson campaign hard at work.

Campaign-strategist and video-taking master Chris Hightower on how a real campaign works. Notice that this video of Chris talking only about campaign events from November 14th is twice as long as the Grayson campaigns video from the entire campaign.


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  1. The word is out that the Trey Grayson campaign is tanking. And the word is out that Rand Paul is the only candidate with an Army. He will be the next U.S. Senator from Kentucky. That’s why EVEN House Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell is pretending to be nice to Rand Paul. Rand strikes the same fear into the hearts of sell-outs like McConnell that his father strikes into the hearts of sell-outs in Congress now. That’s why EVERY Republican Congressman signed on as co-sponsor of Ron Paul’s H.R.1207, even though most of them have been lapdogs of the Fed for their entire careers.

  2. Josh permalink

    Very well put.

    And somehow he is still maintaining his eye doctor job. Rand gives me hope for a small government America.

  3. Carol Mac permalink

    Rand Paul for President!!!

  4. Jennifer Martin permalink

    Rand Paul is the man for the job ! He takes the time to explain who he is, what he stands for, and he stands for life, liberty and the pursuit of making a living, he stands for common sense, he stands for the average person, he stands for AMERICA. He makes time for everyone, we had a small group of people who were interested in hearing what he had to say, about 20 of us, he took the time to meet with us one evening in his BG office, he answered hard questions, no press, no public look at me thing, just plain average hard working people asking direct questions and getting direct answers. He is not a career politician, he is a hard working guy who I believe sincerely has the best interests of his country and people in mind. Rand believes in small government, not big spending by big government, Rand lives here with us, he is in touch with real everyday people, not like most politicians who have no idea what the real world is like and live in some fantasy land where the closest they come to the average person is an invisible maid or gardener. He knows what it is like to actually work for a living, he knows money is hard to come by and he is not going to spend our hard earned dollars on foolishness. These career politicians have no idea what our money is, to them it is just paper, it means nothing to spend out children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc into bankruptcy, why should they care, every time they spend our money they pocket a bunch of it, or their friends do, so of course they want to spend spend spend, the more they spend the richer they get.
    Vote for Rand Paul !

  5. Rand Paul if u win please don’t do the same all the others do,and forget everthing u said u would do for ky ??????? good luck and stay conservative

  6. He is genuine in his run. At almost every stop he tells the audience of potential voters why he was motivated to run. He feels that fiscally our nation is running over a cliff. If this issue is what provides his motivation who can blame him for trying to forestall the worst.


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