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The need for Debate

November 18, 2009

If you’ve visited the Rand Paul homepage today, you’ll see that the Paul campaign is calling for a debate. Its the backbone of elections: a true debate. A clash of issues and ideas, posing solutions to the country’s most pressing problems, is the foundation for democracy. In my humble opinion, the more debates, the better. And why not? What could be wrong with talking about issues? If only the other candidates felt this way…

The next few years will be among some of the most important in our nations history. It may seem cliche, but we truly are at a crossroads. What could be more important than hearing fair, open debate from candidates who are running to shape our future? Although our nation faces problems, they are not unsolvable. I, as a concerned citizen, am worried about debates getting pushed back because a candidate doesn’t want to look bad.

Each and every candidate owes it to the people of Kentucky to have debates– early and often. Not debates to shape politics, but policy. Not rhetoric, but ideas. Rand Paul has put forth his challenge to the field by saying, “I’m ready. Are you?” We’ll see how they respond.


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