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Rand Paul for President 2020?

November 25, 2009

Be Advised: This is a hypothetical post. Obviously, there are bigger (literally bigger. Have you seen Trey? He’s huge.) fish to fry and we should keep our eyes on the race at hand. Doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun!!!

It’s the year 2018, and as we’re all shocked that we got passed the hurdle that was the Mayan Calender, here we are anyway. We fly around in our cars and levitate with our Jet Packs and Al Gore has going clinically insane because he can’t understand why half the earth hasn’t caught fire yet. But, it’s been politics as usual in Washington. Deficits have been rising, wars are being ramped up and the economy still is in dyer need of help. The last two Presidents have done nothing to help the situations and the candidates we’ve brilliantly lined up for the upcoming 2020 elections look like, if possible, even worse options than what we’ve had. However, the good people of Kentucky have a different idea.

Rand Paul was elected to the US Senate way back in 2010. He seems more honest and more genuine than any politician anyone has ever met–because he is. His father Ron Paul, as Presidential Candidate, came off as a little different and wasn’t exactly a candidate people could warm to. Don’t get me wrong– when you actually sat down in listened to what he was saying, he made real sense. The problem was, most people didn’t make it that far.

Yet Ron’s offspring, Rand, is different. He’s an excellent speaker and captures audiences with his calm demeanor and way of explaining his ideas. He has an unique ability to reel in a base of libertarian minded independents and conservative republicans alike, which makes his especially dangerous. I expect, with the problems in the economy have only gotten worse during Rand’s tenure in the Senate despite his strong efforts to fix it, that the country will be in a state of panic. Candidates that represent the “status quo” will no longer be acceptable and citizens are going to look for a real, non-politician to stand up and say “What can I do to help fix this country?” It just so happens that’s exactly the platform Rand Paul is running on.

Rand is an attractive candidate and one with a real ability to win. His non-partisan approach makes his base very wide, but his real world solutions makes it deep. He’s able to dip into Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians alike and captivate them with his exceptional ability on the stump. He’s also willing to work harder than anyone to do what it takes to win. He doesn’t play attack politics, but knows when to call his opponents out. He has more experience (6 years in the Senate) than President Obama did when elected and is still a very youthful, energetic guy. He’s a nightmare for other candidates.

When you really sit down and think about it, it makes sense. When you listen to this dark-horse Senate candidate from Kentucky, does he not make more sense and provide more ideas than former Presidential Candidates, czars, Secretaries of whatever and even President Obama? I honestly think when 2018 rolls around, and liberal, out-of-control spending still hasn’t fixed this country (for the second time in a century), America will look to a true conservative not wanting to play politics, but get things done.

Am I crazy, or does the eight ball not seem to be pointing to a serious run–and I don’t mean a campaign with almost no chance of winning, like his fathers. I mean I think he can compete. And if President Obama’s magic czar doesn’t fix the economy and the Republicans don’t do it either, there going to turn to maybe the only level headed, conservative in the Senate–Rand Paul.


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  1. dsking6 permalink

    I want to hear your thoughts: what are barriers to this scenario. Is it possible?

  2. Lukeking3 permalink

    You are awesome my good friend! We need people like you in this country who can actually think outside the box! Arent people tired of the same old, same old every damn time because its in their “comfort zone”? Arent they tired of seeing a deminishing economy and more and more corrupt and arrogant country? Doesnt this remind you of Rome? God save us!

  3. I think it’s a bit premature. We definitely need to be thinking longer term though.


  4. I would also like to see him run for Governor after his senate career is over. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe Rand promised to only serve 2 terms in the Senate.

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