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Grading the President so far

December 3, 2009

It's weird that I've stood in that exact place and took a picture...

It easy for me, with my blog of about 10 readers, to criticize the President. We have many ideological differences, and, although I wouldn’t mind shooting hoops with the guy or going out for a coffee, he’s just not the type of guy I want making decisions about my healthcare, ya know what I’m sayin’? (come to think of it, I’m not sure I want anyone else making decisions about my healthcare) But he’s trying. As much as I poke him with a stick and criticize him, I honestly believe he’s trying hard to make this a better country (I’m just afraid he will fail miserably.) But here I am, making a fair and honest grade card, trying to make it as unbiased and un-partisan as humanly possible. Enjoy and, as I’m sure you will, critique.

War     B+

This is always a tough one. It’s hard, if not impossible, to get an “A” for the war. However, after his recent speech, I feel he’s done a decent job with the War in Afghanistan. I thought his speech the other night was good and informative, and helped me with a few of my doubts. I have two big concerns as of now: 1) That this does not turn into another Iraq or Vietnam. The War in Afghanistan is not winnable– our best hope is to train the Afghani’s to do it their-selves, then leave. Which is what I think the plan is now. If we were going to go into Afghanistan in the first place, Donald Rumsfeld should have sent the overwhelming force that we needed to win, not what he did. His goal was to win with a small contingent and technology, which just isn’t going to happen in guerilla warfare. My second concern, is the “pull-out date”. I don’t have a problem with a loose exit strategy, but making an exact month to pull out seems counter-productive. If you’re the taliban, don’t you just wait until that date, then go back to business as usual? Anyway, I feel overall, the President has handled this situation well.

Domestic Issues     C-

Despite the fact that I disagree with the President on most of the domestic issues, he’s still done a pretty poor job handling them. One issue that comes to mind is the situation with the black man and the white cop, where he said the cop “acted stupidly”. Personally, I think the President “acted stupidly” by saying that. I’m not sure why any time a white man wrongs a black man, it must be the result of racism. I’m not saying racism isn’t in America, just that, WAKE UP PEOPLE– we have a Black President! It can’t be as prevalent as the media lets on, it’s just not possible. I also think the President has done a poor job with healthcare. He wasn’t fully involved in the first place and he campaigned on the Single Payer system, which is ridiculous. The government’s job isn’t to provide Healthcare. Now we’ve come to the public option, but there’s still concerns about that because Barney Frank said that would LEAD to the single payer. The President should have done a better job of explaining and Republicans and Conservatives dominated the media battle for Healthcare.

Foreign Issues     B-

Kind of like the war, I think he’s done a pretty good job with foreign policy. Personally, I think the best foreign policy is a diplomatic approach, so I agree with him visiting these countries. My issues are these: although I don’t have any problem with some common courtesy, I thinking the bowing excessively has gotten out of hand. My next issue is he’s spending a tad TOO MUCH time in other countries while the economy, the same economy he was elected to fix, here is still in shambles and, as he said in his Afghanistan speech, America comes first.

Fiscal Responsibility     F

I don’t know why this issue isn’t talked about anymore, but the President has failed miserably at it. As did the President before. It’s been lost, which is sad. It’s one of the more important issues that faces our country and should be looked at. The President has spent a ridiculous amount of money in his short time in office and it’s skyrocketing the deficit. I’m getting tired of my future and my children’s future being spent away. As Rand Paul said, “The colonists complained because they were being taxed without representation, well we’re taxing future generations without representation” and it’s so true. We need to restore fiscal responsibility and we need to do it NOW.

Overall    C-

I’m going to be kind and give him a C-, although you could certainly make a case for a D. The country is headed in the wrong direction and America knows it. It’s time to get us back on the correct track. The President has done some good things, but he has not brought about the “hope” and “change” that he promised. We need to start, in 2010, electing true conservatives who can bring the hope and change our we, our future and our country NEED.


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