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A Movement

December 16, 2009

It seems we have ourselves a movement. Yesterday, a poll was released that has Conservative Marco Rubio tied with Party-Establishment pick Charlie Crist in the race for the Florida Senate. With Rand Paul beating the party establishment here in Kentucky, I think we have a true conservative movement on our hands!

With Obama’s poll numbers continually falling and Mike Huckabee, despite a political setback with the clemency of Maurice Clemmons, has TIED Barack Obama. This could be big, as we (not the Republican Party, we the people) take back the House in 2010 and make significant gains in Congress.

TODAY, we can do something about it. Rand Paul has had some successful Money Bombs in the past, but we’ve gone downhill. To beat Grayson, Rand needs our help!! It’s the only way we can defeat the party establishment and KEEP THIS MOVEMENT GOING!!!

If you’re a constitutional conservative and want to see our movement continue, please donate here. Rand needs your help! Even if it’s only 10 dollars. Give Rand your support today!


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