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The Momentum beings to Show

December 23, 2009

Who's more Popular--Rand Paul or this guy? I'm takin' Rand.

The new Public Policy Polling has come out, as I’m sure you’ve already heard. Rand Paul has taken a commanding 44-25 lead over Secretary Grayson. There’s more good news:

39% of likely primary voters have a favorable opinion of him to 13% unfavorable while 22% view Grayson positively to 15% unfavorable.

Paul is winning the votes of conservatives by a 47-20 margin, while Grayson holds a 36-34 lead with moderates.  Paul is having a particularly good amount of success with folks who think that the Republican Party in Washington has become too liberal- his lead with them is 54-18.  Paul’s support is universal across demographic lines, as he is up with men, women, voters in every region of the state, and every group of the GOP electorate broken down by age.

So he’s not just gaining among the uber-conservative, but basically every voting group you could think of. I hope you’ll quickly spread this information around. Besides–everybody loves a winner.


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