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Response to Christi Gillespie Resignation

December 31, 2009

Unfortunately, the Rand Paul campaign lost another top member of its staff today when Chrisit Gillespie retired. She sent out an email today explaining that she would be switching from the Republican Party to the Libertarian party and would no longer fight to help Rand reform the Republican Party, citing that doing so would only strengthen the party establishment.

I understand and respect Christi’s position, but I do not agree with it. Unfortunately though, the world of party politics is the world we live in. In my opinion, it shouldn’t matter if a “R”, a “D” or an “L” was next to Rand’s name, nothing would change my support for him and his views.

Rand Paul has consistently showed me why he is not only a candidate that can reform the Republican Party, but reform Washington. The latter is really all that matters to me right now. Rand lost another great fighter for the cause of liberty, but it will not slow him and his campaign, as great ideas from great men always seem to transcend the person and the people in the campaign and take on a life of their own. Rand’s idea of limited Government, transparency and the return of Washington to the citizens instead of DC insiders is no different.


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