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The Fair Tax

January 16, 2010

I’ve always thought that a “Fair Tax” seemed like a good idea. I first heard the term under Huckabee and did my homework and learned the basics, but never really learned the details or read extensively into it. However recently at Waldenbooks, the Sequel to the “Fair Tax Book” based on the criticisms of the Fair Tax was on sale, so I went ahead and bought it. Going into the book, I knew very little. I basically assumed the Fair Tax was the work of far-right economists who wanted to abolish the IRS and to replace the income tax by raising the sales tax.

However what I found was much different. The Fair Tax isn’t a way to lower taxes (although it would probably lead to that) or make Government smaller (although it would most certainly lead to that as well), but to make our tax code simpler and more transparent. It’s also realistic in reform, as the “founders” of the FairTax know this bill (HR 25) needs to pass congress.

I strongly encourage you to read these easy books: “The Fair Tax Book” and “The Fair Tax and it’s Criticisms.” Both have not only helped me understand our current system better, but helped me understand what the FairTax really is and the potential impact it could have on our country.


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