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What does Scott Brown’s win mean?

January 24, 2010

Scott Brown's win has captivated the nation.

In maybe the most important Senate race in our Nation’s history, the “Scott Brown-Republican” Scott Brown beat Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley by 5 points. Only 14 months early, on the coattails of Barack Obama, Democrats took the nation by storm by controlling the House, Senate and the White House. We’ll just call 2010 “The Return of the Conservative.” In National Journal’s “Top 25 most Vulnerable House Seats”, 20/25 are Democrat held with a chance of being overrun by Republicans. Right now, the most popular party is the “Tea Party”. If people didn’t like President Bush’s deficit spending (and they didn’t), then they hate President Obama’s deficit spending.

After wins from McDonnell and Christie in the  Virginia and New Jersey Governors races respectively and Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman almost winning in New York, never has it been clearer that American’s want real change and want it now. Many prominent Democrats have already come out and said “This is a referendum on our agenda. We need to change.” It’s about time somebody got that message.

We, as Americans, need to keep that pressure on. Although President Obama will almost certainly have to change his tactics and change them now, it could lead to his re-election. But we’ll focus on that in a few years. We have to be sure these last few elections weren’t a fluke. We need to elect Constitutional conservatives who will fight for the people and not for DC insiders. Join Ron and Rand Paul in their Rally for the Republicans in Louisville on January 30th. Details here.


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