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Dan Seum and Sarah Palin Endorse Rand Paul

February 1, 2010

Dr. Rand Paul just can’t be stopped. After over 800 supporters braved the storm to see Ron Paul come stump for his son, Rand will receive endorsements from Republicans Sarah Palin and Dan Seum.

Palin, loved by most conservatives, knows that Rands views on limited Government is what this Country needs. Rand’s endorsements keep piling up and I’m sure there are more to come.

Dan Seum, a Republican from Louisville, embraced Rand and his constitutional ideas after previously supporting Grayson. This endorsement is huge, as it could signal an even bigger movement from the establishment to the people.

Strike another one up for Rand Paul– it remains to be seen if anything can stop this mans momentum.


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  1. Tim permalink

    Yeah and according to David something good will happen on Wednesday. My guess will be either a Club or DeMint endorsement. I personally can’t wait until the Conservative establishment starts backing Rand Paul.

  2. dsking6 permalink

    Yeah a DeMint endorsement is certainly possible. There’s been speculation of that. We’ll see. But either way, Palin and Seum is a great start.

  3. Dave in Alaska permalink

    An endorsement from Palin is not particularly helpful, as she worked hard to raise taxes and increase government while on the city council, while as mayor, and while as governor. Rand Paul is a true conservative — not a conservative in words only.

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