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DeMint next big name to endorse Rand Paul?

February 3, 2010

Conservative, Republican South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint

After the champion of soccer moms everywhere gave her endorsement and a hefty PAC check of around 2,000 dollars, Trey Grayson was quick to say that Rand Paul was “lying” about his endorsement from Sarah Palin. The former Vice-Presidential Candidate was happy to confirm her endorsement only hours later. Her endorsement was followed by Kentucky Senate Majority leader Dan Seum (R-Louisville), who switched from the party establishment Grayson to Paul.

This sudden influx of endorsements has led me to ask–who’s next? There’s been speculation about the Senator from South Carolina, Jim DeMint. DeMint is a solid conservative who has been given vocal opposition to President Obama’s economic policies. Senator DeMint’s PAC is the Senate Conservatives Fund, which is currently supporting such senatorial candidates as Marco Rubio (FL), Chuck DeVore (CA), Pat Toomey (PA) and Michael Williams (TX).

There is certainly mutual interest here. Politico reports that DeMint is considering getting involved in the Kentucky race:

DeMint is also considering getting involved in Senate races in Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Nevada and Texas — if Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison resigns her seat next year. One aide said that “he’s got a line of candidates outside his door who want to meet with him.”

Rand Paul is no fool–he’d love to have the endorsement:

DeMint has also gotten involved in the Kentucky Senate primary between establishment-favorite Trey Grayson and Rand Paul, the son of the former presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

“We would love to have [DeMint’s] endorsement,” the younger Paul said. “I see him as part of a reform movement that’s out there within the Republican Party. … Our candidacy is about reform, and not so much just about having one more Republican vote.”

DeMint’s PAC raised over 1.3 million dollars in 2009, and thus far has spent as much as $130,000 on Rubio’s campaign and as little as $14,000 on Williams’ campaign. The Senate Conservatives Fund has set policy goals that include:

  • Strengthen national security
  • Oppose appeasement
  • Eliminate wasteful spending and keep taxes low
  • Promote energy security
  • Secure our borders
  • Expand private health insurance
  • Give parents more school choices
  • Reform Social Security and Medicare
  • Confirm good judges
  • Promote the American Dream by supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States
An endorsement from DeMint, if it were to happen, would obviously be huge politically. After Seum and Palin, another big name endorsement, with no word on any endorsements to any of the other republican candidates, could raise Rand Paul’s momentum even more…if that’s possible. However, a DeMint endorsement would almost certainly include a huge financial gain as well. If DeMint follows, which I believe he eventually will, it could very well be the biggest of the three endorsements.

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