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Continued Momentum and the UK Students for Rand Paul

February 4, 2010

As many of you may know, when I’m not blogging for liberty, I attend college at the University of Kentucky. I have had the privilege of being the UK Campus Coordinator for Rand Paul while here. I wanted to give a brief update on the School of the Commonwealth.

–For the second time, an editorial in support of Rand appeared in the Kentucky Kernel, the campus newspaper. The article can be read at under the “Opinion” and “Letters to the Editor” section. We also plan to have a press release published about the Palin endorsement.

–We had our first meeting of the year on campus. In all, we have a little over 20 dedicated members and over 100 members in the Facebook group.

–The UK students for Rand Paul will be organizing an interesting event on Campus, scheduled for this weekend. If everything goes as planned, it could be HUGE! I think it could get state-wide attention as well. Ill have more on this currently secret plan.

–Last, Rand continues his upswing in momentum by appearing on National media almost weekly. He appeared on MSNBC (even better, right before the President spoke, so that should see a spike in viewers) the other day and today, is being followed around by CNN. That’s big news, especially if they have a feature on the Campaign. Exciting stuff.

My Challenge to you: write a letter to the editor to your local paper about Rand’s momentum. Its easy to be published as I have done so in the Campus paper the Kernel and the Owensboro-area paper, the Messenger Inquirer. We need to keep putting the pressure on!


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  1. dsking6 permalink

    I need some feedback here. Do you like hearing about the UK Students for Rand, or stick to the state-wide stuff?

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