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Quick Update

February 7, 2010

–Here’s an excerpt of an interview with Sarah Palin from FoxNews:

Q: Rand Paul?

PALIN: We’ve already donated to Rand.

Q: Oh, you have?

PALIN: Yes we already have.

Q: Is there more on the way or is that yet to be determined?

PALIN: It is yet to be determined. There are hundreds of candidates on local, state and on the national level that hopefully we’ll be able to help. Don’t know how many and don’t know specifically which ones it’ll be today.

So maybe more money from Mrs. Palin.

–Also, the next Money Bomb has been planned! March 23rd, liberty-lovers all over the state will donate for the “Give me Liberty” moneybomb to commemorate the anniversary of Patrick Henry’s famous “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech.

Pledge here.

Join the Facebook group here.

Money bombs are clearly where Rand picks up most of his funds, so invite your friends. Here is a graph on Rand’s fundraising so far–it’s pretty easy to see where the money bombs were.

Let’s make this one the best one!


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