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How Trey Grayson might be out of time

February 8, 2010

Yesterday, like most Americans, I was watching the Super bowl. As me and my friends sat around eating good food and watching good football, one of my friends said “hey, your boy is on the TV.” Sure enough, there was Rand Paul giving his National Security message. If you live in Lexington and watched the Super bowl, you saw the first of the political ads for the Kentucky Senate seat.

After appearing on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, and getting major endorsements from his more famous father and the King (scratch that, Queen) of the Tea Party Movement, it remains to see just how much more popular Rand Paul can get. Without so much as a yard sign, the establishment pick, Trey Grayson, is running out of time. Rand Paul is winning in the media, in polls, in advertising and most importantly–among the voters.

Trey could be picking up McConnell’s chief of staff as his campaign manager and pull some tricks out of the old McConnell play book, but is it too late? Rand Paul has opened up massive lead and has a grass roots movement that’s out of this world. Right now, Rand Paul sits atop the favorite list and shows no signs of stopping. He’s worked harder and longer than his opponents and that shows no signs of slowing soon.

As Rand stretches his more prominent fund-raising longer, it looks to shake up the polls even more–in Rands favor. Clearly, Dr. Paul’s message is resonating with the people and he may have opened up a lead too far for the establishment to keep up.


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  1. D. Smith permalink

    Rand Paul is a rising star.

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