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Grayson campaign continues throwing mud

February 9, 2010

Rand Paul’s campaign manager David Adams exposed a lie from Trey Grayson campaign manager Nate Hodson about Rand’s abortion policy. Here is an excerpt from the campaign website:

The bitter, bewildered Trey Grayson campaign stepped on itself again Monday while trying to deny any involvement in another false smear campaign against Rand Paul’s leading, issues-based U.S. Senate campaign.

In an Associated Press story about Grayson’s campaign denying involvement in a bogus push poll attempting to paint a false picture of Rand’s positions on abortion, drugs, and national defense, Grayson’s campaign manager Nate Hodson may as well have admitted taking part in the dirty tricks.

Hodson sent out an email that included the following lie:

“They don’t want to talk about issues that actually matter to voters because they know they can’t cover up Rand Paul’s 20-year record as an advocate of drug legalization and pro-abortion policies.”

Hodson may actually get in trouble with his boss for forgetting to put Grayson’s frequent lie about Rand and Guantanamo Bay into his little attack. The Grayson campaign has been falsely accusing Rand for months of wanting to turn detained terrorists loose on the American people.

Rand’s solid pro-life position has earned him the endorsement of Concerned Women for America. Rand’s socially conservative views have earned the respect and trust of church leaders across Kentucky. And his no-nonsense fiscal conservatism has made Rand a national figure in the Tea Party movement. All this combined explains clearly why Rand’s desperate primary opponent has nothing left but false attacks.

Unfortunately, this has become somewhat of a habit, as Trey’s campaign continues to be mismanaged.


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