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How does Rand Paul keep going?

March 6, 2010

After months and months of hard campaigning, the Rand Paul campaign just won’t stop. It has always been said that the sprinter can’t win the marathon, but Rand Paul is doing his best to prove that wrong. He’s been from Pikeville to Paducah, from Franklin to Covington–and everywhere in between. But that hard work is paying off, now more than ever. We already knew how powerful a grassroots movement based on liberty could be, but Rand and his campaign’s hard work have helped to further that cause even more.

As noted on, small donations have been and continue to flood in from around the state. Whether it’s 2 dollars from a college student or 100 dollars from the engineers, in this tough economy, people are giving what they can. And now, we see Rand Paul nearing the 2 Million dollar mark, a mark thought impossible by most before the election. On March 23rd, the Rand Paul campaign will hold its first money bomb in a while, and I am interested to see just how successful it can be.

Rand and his campaign continue to amazing. With donations and endorsements still pouring in from not only all over the state, but all over the nation, it’s clear that this campaign is going to continue the sprint to the finish of the marathon, which so happens to end on May 18th with a chance for 5 more months. One thing is clear though–this campaign is no fluke. Its the hardest working campaign I’ve ever seen and it is being rewarded with strong poll numbers. I know this sprint to finish is going to be fun, but Rand Paul supporters have reason to be optimistic for no other reason other than they have been sprinting the longest–and they’re ready.


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