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Rand Paul is king on UK’s campus

March 8, 2010

The University of Kentucky's Memorial Hall

Since I am the Campus Coordinator for the Rand Paul campaign, I wanted to share this information with you. Rand Paul has been all over the campus Newspaper, the Kentucky Kernel. The following are a few of the editorials that have appeared about Rand Paul, all of which are written by members of the UK Students for Rand Paul. Also, you’ll notice about half way down, an article bashing Rand Paul written by a Grayson supporter. Then you’ll see the articles the UK Students for Rand Paul wrote back in response.

(NOTE: I’ll leave the link to each article’s online version at the end of each, so you may go and leave comments about the individual ones if you’d like.)

This is the first one, written by yours truly, in response to a speech given on campus by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“Global warming is the most important issue facing our country right now,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., in front of a packed crowd at Memorial Coliseum. I take issue with that statement. I’m not here to get into a debate on global warming, but would like to ask Mr. Kennedy how he could say such a thing.

We are currently engaged in two major conflicts: In Iraq and of course, with the recent troop deployments in Afghanistan. We have over ten percent unemployment, an outrageously high number, and about 44 million people who have no healthcare. And global warming is our biggest issue? Did you know that since 2001, the earth has actually been cooling? January 2008 was one of the coldest months in 20 years and since 2007 we have seen a massive drop in climate. I’m not a scientist and won’t pretend to be. I certainly don’t have all the facts. But I do know that right now, America is at a crossroads. With recent bailouts slapping Adam Smith in the face and some of the most important pieces of legislation ever passing through congress, we can’t worry about global warming.

I will agree with Kennedy on this: free market capitalism is the answer. It’s the answer to most of our problems with big government. And as he said in his speech, not the watered down kind that is corrupted by politicians but true capitalism. We achieve this, not by healthcare reform or tax reform or environment reform, but by politician reform! We need to send responsible, concerned citizens to Washington, not lifetime politicians looking out for nothing but getting re-elected. Dr. Rand Paul is the change this country needs. As senator, he will never vote for an unbalanced budget and will not accept donations from those looking for a kick-back once he’s in power. He’s by the people and for the people and will help put a stop to reckless spending in Washington and focus on this country’s real problems.

Derek King
history and political science sophomore

Link to Derek’s article.

Here is another one written in response to the Ron Paul/Rand Paul Rally for the Republicans. (Published February 5th, 2010)

Letter to Editor by Brent Black

Last weekend, while you were likely trapped indoors because of the snowstorm that swept the Bluegrass state, over 800 supporters gathered in Louisville to watch Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) campaign for his freedom-fighting son, Rand Paul. Though, it’s not as if he needed the help.

Surging in the polls with a double-digit lead over his primary contender and leading each of his prospective Democratic opponents, Rand Paul is quickly becoming the most popular person not named John Wall in this state.

So who gets the credit for this rising popularity?

Could it be the stalled healthcare bill that Democrats can’t seem to detach themselves from fast enough? Is it the spiraling national debt that Washington can’t seem to print its way out of fast enough?

Maybe it’s just the common sense that a nation can’t be sustainable while it incessantly spends more than it makes. Rand Paul’s mantra is moderation.

For more than a generation, we’ve listened to empty rhetoric about the calamity of capitalism. The State, always with a capital S, like Santa Claus gratuitously gives from its bottomless bag of goodies, limitless joy and prosperity.

But now we suffer under the agony of the welfare state.  We’re finding out the hard way: Santa’s not real.

As the nation begins to wake up to the truth of these cradle-to-grave fairy tales, Kentucky gets a chance to take a leadership role in Washington.  Rand Paul wants to bind government with a budget.  Let’s give him that opportunity.

Brent Black
economics junior

Link to Brent’s Article.

Secretary of State Grayson got his first KY Kernel editorial this month.

Next, we get the Pro-Grayson article. I knew the picture would get your attention. This article was, well, about nothing and was published on March 1st, 2010.

Grayson Represents What Kentucky Needs

Rand Paul’s campaign is one of the most dishonest ones in the history of the Kentucky Senate race. Trey Grayson is running an honest campaign centered around issues that are affecting Kentuckians. Paul is evading social issues and making claims about Grayson that are simply false.

As an advocate of coal being economically efficient form of energy, Grayson does not support shutting down the coal industry that fuels Kentucky’s economy or endorsing Barack Obama’s views on coal.

Paul, in a political ad, leads voters to believe that Grayson is a supporter of Obama, when indeed he is not.

Like other Republican officials such as Sen. Mitch McConnell, Congressman Geoff Davis and Sen. John McCain, Grayson has vowed to work with the Obama administration toward a better America. Not at anytime has Grayson attacked Kentucky coal. This is one example of how mendacious Paul’s campaign has been.

Kentucky deserves better.

Kentucky deserves a leader who is strictly pro-life and against partial birth abortion, for cutting spending, against the war on coal and a leader who runs an honest campaign; that leader is Grayson.

On paper, Trey Grayson and Rand Paul may seem similar, but look closer to the facts and you will find that Rand Paul does not have many. Trey Grayson has the answers and he is right for Kentucky. Vote Grayson for U.S. Senate.

Derek Craigmyle
political science sophomore

Link to Derek’s article.

Now that’s what I call moving writing. Thomas Jefferson would be proud. I’m just amazed they titled the piece “Grayson represents what Kentucky needs”, as if the article wasn’t just a bash Rand Paul piece.

Unfortunately for this guy, we had a “UK Students for Rand Paul” meeting the night this was published, so I mobilized the troops and here are our responses.

This one was published the next day (March 2nd, 2010) by UK Assistant Coordinator Phillip Nguyen:

Paul Will Lead Kentucky Proudly

If anyone wants to see how “mendacious” the Paul’s campaign has been, I think we should all look at Dr. Rand Paul’s past records and compare them to now. That being said, he remains exceptionally consistent and honest in his political and philosophical views — a rarity amongst politicians today.

A quick Google or YouTube search of Paul would confirm this. If you check out one of his early speeches before he ran for the U.S. Senate, we get a glimpse at who this man is.

Look at his speech at the original Tea Party rallies in Boston in 2007 and 2008, or perhaps his early appearances on KET discussing the state’s budget.

He is a freedom fighter, a true American patriot who condemned the corporate bailouts, government wastes, and out of control spending.

The number one most important issue that affects all Kentuckians, as well as the nation, is the economy. We, as fiscal conservatives, need to focus at the big picture and not narrow our sight on one politician just because Paul made an attack ad against him. After all, the fact of the matter is that America is broke.

Paul is doing a magnificent job on his campaign that was ignited by grassroots supporters and a growing movement to reign in the unconstitutional government policies.

To claim that it is “one of the most dishonest ones in the history of the Kentucky Senate race” is just another childish political attack.

Phillip Nguyen
chemical engineering sophomore

Link to Phillip’s article.

And this last one appeared on March 7th, 2010 and was written by Nathanael Reis, also in response to the Anti-Paul article:

Paul’s Campaign based on Real Issues

I’m writing in response to the letter to the editor in the Kernel on March 2 bashing Rand Paul. The letter may have a pro-Grayson headline, but like most of Grayson’s campaigning, is more accurately described as anti-Paul. The establishment can’t help but attack a defender of liberty.

Paul is definitely the U.S. Senate candidate drawing the most attention. Even his key opponent can’t seem to stop talking about this ophthalmologist from Bowling Green.

Who can blame him? Paul knows how to back up his stances with more than attacks and complaints.

A political ad by Paul’s campaign is the major instance where dissenters may beg to differ. In response to the Grayson letter to the editor, the commercial, when seen at face value, could allow a superficial viewer to conclude that Grayson is an opponent of coal and a supporter of President Barack Obama.

However, an even remotely informed voter will recognize the ad as an obvious replica of Grayson’s own commercial, which attacks Paul by taking his words out of context in the same way.

This is clearly noted, since Paul’s ad begins with a clip of Grayson’s commercial. It is extremely deceptive to claim this kind of campaigning is original to Paul.

With solid dedication to fiscal responsibility, Paul’s first move once in office will be the proposal of term limits, which will cut down on special interest influence and pork barrel spending.

He will support financial security by offering amendments to balance every bill that calls for deficit spending.

Contrary to false claims made by his opponent, he is firmly pro-life, with endorsements from Concerned Women for America and Sarah Palin. Paul strongly believes in constitutional conservatism and in returning the states their constitutional rights.

Kentuckians should be represented by someone who is not afraid to think outside the establishment’s box.

His opponent can do nothing but slander because he simply has nothing else to talk about. A standout leader in the Tea Party movement, Paul will fight for liberty and make the voices of Kentuckians heard.

Nathanael Reis
chemical engineering junior

Link to Nathanael’s article.

So as you can see, the UK Students for Rand Paul are making waves on campus. We currently have over 105 members on the facebook group while the UK Students for Trey Grayson has 14, one of them being Rand Paul Youth Coordinator Lance Wheeler. So we’ll just say 13. I’m very proud of all of our members and we’re going to continue growing and working hard for Liberty on campus.

Please leave your questions, concerns or comments. Even ideas for campus are very much welcome.


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