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6th District of Kentucky Race

March 26, 2010

The 6th District of Kentucky race is looking like a good one. I’m excited for this general election and I think we have a great shot at the seat, but the Republican primary is a good one as well. At Rand Paul’s Rally to Take back the House, with over 100 patriots attending, five of the candidates gave short speeches on what they can do for the 6th District. I was impressed with John Kemper III, but even more so with Matt Lockett. Matt has over 1,000 members on his Facebook page and should be the biggest challenger to Andy Barr, another popular republican choice.

Although Barr did not attend the rally, he is a considered one of the Top candidates to take on Chandler in the fall. I think it looks to come down to Matt Lockett and Andy Barr and it should be tight. I’ve met both men and am very impressed with both. However, I’ve yet to meet a more down to earth candidate than Matt Lockett, who I would not be surprised to see capture the tea party vote, given his stirring “mix up Washington” speech at the Rand Paul rally. I’ll keep everyone updated if I get more information.


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