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One last push…

March 31, 2010

Rand Paul continues to raises millions of dollars by tapping into the checkbooks of Kentuckians who are fed up with the establishment. He has raised over 600,000 dollars for the quarter and over 2.3 million overall.

Now, he’s asking for one last push in small donations to try and report more money this quarter than last. Here is the email:

Dear Friend,

Today is the last day of the first quarter of our Senate race.  That means
FEC reports will show how much each of us has raised so far this year.

My opponent has been raising campaign cash from AIG lobbyists in Washington
DC — the same AIG that received $180 billion dollars in taxpayer bailouts.
I wonder what the DC lobbyists will expect in return from my career
politiican opponent?

As I’ve said in my speeches since I began this race — we’re coming to take
our government back.  From the lobbyists, the fatcats and the career

I want to send them another message tonight at midnight when our reporting
period ends — that we’ll have the funds necessary to fight back against
their special interest money!

If you possibly can, please take a minute to send one last contribution this
quarter to my campaign.

You can do that by going HERE.

I know we’ve been asking a lot lately — but the May 18 primary is coming up fast.  If everyone on this email gave just $10, we’d be able to report we raised more
than last quarter — and passed 2.4 million dollars for the campaign so far!

My opponent has already announced he’s met his goals for this quarter — and he’s
up on the air with vicious attack ads that I must respond to.

So if you can, please send $25 — or chip in $10, or even $5 today by clicking HERE

Every dollar counts!    Thank you.
In Liberty,

Rand Paul MD


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