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Published in the Herald

April 1, 2010

Finally I’ve had a letter to the editor published in the Lexington Herald Leader. It was about a month later than I was hoping, but better late than never.

Paul’s foes desperate

I couldn’t believe the reaction of the other U.S. Senate candidates in the Herald-Leader’s stories about Rand Paul gaining national attention.

I’m sure if Trey Grayson were popular enough to be asked for an interview on Fox News, he would accept before you could even say “Fox News.” It seems Paul’s opponents are so desperate to attack him, they’ll attack him just because he’s popular.

I guess Grayson forgot that media attention in political races is a good thing. And while he continues to distort the truth about the type of race Paul is running, Paul will continue to stay on the issues, meet the people of Kentucky and hear about their values.

He has already made appearances in more than 50 counties. I wonder if Grayson can boast the same.

Despite continued efforts of his opponents to stop Paul’s momentum, the people of Kentucky have continually shown they want new leadership in Washington and that they are tired of the establishment. I think that deserves a little media attention.

Derek King


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