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Bill Johnson forms Exploratory Committee

April 8, 2010

Speaking of Governors...

Bill Johnson is apparently forming an exploratory committee to consider a run at the Governorship. Johnson, who recently dropped out of the Campaign for US Senate, began to gain traction among followers but simply couldn’t catch up to the already massive followings of Trey Grayson and Dr. Rand Paul. His name has been floating around for awhile as a possible candidate to run for Governor in 2011, and it certainly seems he is interested. A Facebook group has also been started, and Bill says he will “will form an exploratory committee to begin raising money if we can get 1500 active and dedicated KY supporters on this page.”

There you have it. The group at around 440 members as of now and probably will be even more when you read this. It will be interesting to watch this situation as it develops.

Bill Johnson for Governor 2011 Facebook group.


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One Comment
  1. Tim permalink

    Meh I really don’t see anything especially impressive about this guy so far. How will he be different exactly from any other Governor, besides the fact he has no prior political experience? I would rather send my $ to someone truly revolutionary.

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