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Interview with Bill Johnson

April 12, 2010

Bill Johnson for Governor 2011?

Recently, I asked former Senate Candidate Bill Johnson some questions about his Senate run and where he would go from here. His name has been linked to running for Governor and it appears he has the interest in the job. Here is the interview:

Kentucky Politics: How did you become involved in politics?

Bill Johnson: The continued Constitutional malpractice coming out of Washington compelled me to action. I took an oath to defend the constitution when I joined the Military. It is time for ordinary citizens to step forward and ensure America remains the land of the free.

KP: What were some factors that have influenced your political ideology up to this point?

BJ: I have always been a conservative in the mold of Ronald Reagan. My self-reliance and independence drives my actions and I don’t like Government to stand in my way.

KP: You recently dropped out of the race for the US Senate. You were becoming more popular and gaining name recognition. What was your main reason for bowing out?

BJ: Money, I simply could not raise enough money in time to run the needed mass media advertising. Unfortunately, money drives all aspects of politics including media coverage.

KP: You haven’t yet endorsed a candidate for the Senate race that you were once a part of. Do you plan to?

BJ: No, I intend to stay neutral. I consider both Trey and Rand my friends. I have many supporters from both campaigns and need to remain my own person.

KP: Of the two candidates, do you have a favorite or maybe one whose ideas you agree with more?

BJ: They are very different candidates. I would not have entered the race last summer if I felt either was ideal for the office. I would like to see veterans and business leaders in Washington.

KP: After dropping out, where do you go from here?

BJ: Back to work!

KP: Your name has been linked to running for Governor is 2011. What are your thoughts on this?

BJ: I am considering a run if the ground swell is there. My intentions will become clear by early June at the latest.

KP: If you had been elected to the US Senate, what would have been your goals?

BJ: Continued support for our military. Energy policy based on fossil fuels and nuclear. Reducing the size of government by elimination of Department of Education, EPA, and IRS as a start. Promote and move toward a fair tax to replace the current tax system. Balanced budgets and debt reduction.

KP: What if you were to be elected Governor?

BJ: Improve education, reduce the KY debt, and promote job creation.

KP: Describe the Barack Obama administration in one sentence or less.

BJ: Socialist, blame America first liberals.

KP: Describe the healthcare bill in one sentence or less.

BJ: Unconstitutional medical malpractice.

KP: If you could say anything to every citizen in Kentucky about our future, what would it be?

BJ:Get involved, the time is now to defend our nation from the socialist pit of oppression.

KP: Thank you for your time.

BJ: Thanks Derek.


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  1. Cindy Brown permalink

    His answers are the reason I supported him for Senate. Neither Paul or Grayson says this. Bill would be a level headed, common sense Governor. This would be a contrast from Beshear who’s only plan is to legalize more gambling and accepting stimulus money.

  2. Linda Todd-Ferguson permalink

    His answer to the question “If you had been elected to the US Senate, what would have been your goals?” is enough for me to keep my eye on him as candidate for Governor. I look forward to reading more about him in the future

  3. Franklin Jefferson permalink

    Bill adopted his positions from Rand’s positions. Bill has also spoken in support of an ever bigger police state backed up by the military domestically. Bill believes in the power of the state collectively over Individual rights.

  4. dsking6 permalink

    I don’t want to get into an argument over who’s better or who’s positions are what. Republican attacking republican is not good. I’d say we can all agree they are both solid conservatives with similar positions and the type of people we need in Washington.

  5. Tim permalink

    “This would be a contrast from Beshear who’s only plan is to legalize more gambling”

    So it’s now part of the Conservative platform to restrict civil liberties and go against natural property rights? Interesting..

    “Republican attacking republican is not good.”

    That sounds like something an establishment Republican in the 1980’s would say. And it totally contradicts the whole purpose for the Tea Parties (who were originally created to protest the Holy GOP Bush).

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