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Bunning endorses Rand Paul

April 15, 2010

HOF Pitcher Jim Bunning.

Senator Jim Bunning has endorsed Rand Paul, a candidate in the race for United States Senate. It is not often that you find a man recommending someone else for his job, especially in this economy, but this is what we have. Bunning became popular among Republicans and the more conservative sect of the party when he filibustered 10 billion dollar, job benefit extension.

The endorsement should have a power impact–possibly even more so than that of Sarah Palin. Although Palin is loved by the TEA Party,  Bunning is probably even more popular among Kentucky republicans. After endorsing Paul, he called him the “only true conservative in the race.” High praise coming from Kentucky’s most conservative Senator.

Rand Paul has no doubt won the battle of the endorsements. Sarah Palin and Jim Bunning vs. Dick Cheney? (I’ve looked into it and am still unable to find out if the Cheney endorsement is supposed to help Grayson) There is really no contest here.


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