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Conservative Freshman Coalition

April 16, 2010

Logo for the Conservative Christian Coalition

Matt Lockett (Running for Congressman from KY-6th) has paired with Lee Bias (Running for spot in the WV-3rd) have founded a Coalition of Conservative, for incoming Freshman to the US Congress. From the website:

Simply put, this coalition will act as a compass in Congress.  The principles on which this coalition was founded will guide Congress into 2011 and beyond.  When you vote for one of the candidates in the coalition, you are voting for the entire coalition and the principles on which they come together.

This is a very interesting idea and a good thing for Governing after the election is over. More candidates should take this pledge and join this Coalition. The newly-formed Coalition already has 17 members and don’t be surprised to see it grow very fast. The “CFC” requires members to take “the Pledge” which is as follows:

I, ________________________________, hereby pledge, as a member of the 2010 Conservative Freshmen Coalition, to execute the oath of my elected office by:

·Upholding, supporting, defending, and advocating the Constitution of the United States of America.
·Supporting the passage of an amendment to the Constitution to pass a balanced and fiscally responsible federal budget.
·Supporting lower taxes for small businesses, the lifeblood of our economy, and by fighting to repeal harmful and excessive taxes that limit these small businesses from creating wealth.
·Supporting an amendment to the Constitution that requires term limits on all members of Congress.
·Supporting an authentic package of immigration reform in which immigrants will embrace America’s civic and political institutions by learning our founding documents and learning the English language.  Furthermore, I believe it is the duty of our federal government to enforce our nation’s preexisting immigration laws and continue to heighten the security surrounding our borders to ensure the legal entry of immigrants into our country.  I will not, under any circumstance, support amnesty for illegal aliens.

These five basic principles will preserve the institution of Congress and preserve this historic body as it was originally intended by our founders as written in the Constitution.  We will strive to execute each of these principles at the will of the constituents we represent, and we will faithfully, responsibly, and honestly accept these guiding principles as our motto during our freshman year in Congress.

If you support the CFC, consider visiting the website and becoming a fan on facebook. If you are a believer of this cause, help get it off the ground!


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