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Paul pushes TEA Party to Broaden Platform

April 16, 2010

Coverage of the TEA parties fair as usual.

In an article in the Lexington-Herald today, Ryan Alessi reported that Rand Paul is calling for an expansion of the TEA Party platform. Paul was quoted as saying:

“To me, they’re reform issues. I see them as having great popularity,” he said later in Lexington. “I think they’re things that not only would attract Republicans, but Democrats and independents too.”

Read more:

This is another example of why Rand Paul is bucking the establishment tradition of politics and fighting for all Kentuckians. In the middle of a two-way horse race that has pushed the Republican primary to the right of the political spectrum, Rand Paul’s proposal is that the TEA Party should appeal to Republicans, Independents and even Democrats.

Just days after being called “The only conservative in the race” by Senator Jim Bunning, it also appears Dr. Paul is going to appeal to a broader group of voters during the general election as well. However, as the Dr. Paul campaign team noted today in an email, despite the 15 point lead, there is no time to slack off and finishing strong is vital.

It should be fun to watch this primary as it winds down, finally finishing on May 18th.


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