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Florida is getting crazy

April 22, 2010

What has been a nationally recognized race of the TEA Party vs. the Establishment (much like what we have here in Kentucky), has turned into a one-man race. After receiving endorsements from…well, pretty much any person or PAC that considers themselves “conservative”, Marco Rubio has a pretty tight lock on the Republican Nomination. Charlie Crist, the moderate republican Governor, hasn’t helped with his siding with Obama on more than one issue, and the Rubio campaign is feeding Crist his video of him and Obama at a Florida rally for lunch.

Now Crist, who is still fairly popular in the state and would figure to do well in any general election, is considering dropping out and running in the general as an independent. So, like I told you, Florida is getting crazy. The crazy thing is, Crist just might win, barring a solid democrat emerging from the primary. With very high approval numbers across party lines, I would be very surprised to see him finish third in a race between him, Rubio and Generic Democrat A. I might even be surprised if he didn’t win.

The danger, of course, is that Crist, who has run to the right during the campaign and not by choice, and Rubio split republican votes and the democrats win with a plurality. Kentuckians should take note of this race. Although I certainly don’t see Trey Grayson bowing out and running as an independent (although maybe he could have Former President Clinton come and stump for him?), the danger is that the republicans are so divided and beaten up after a brutal primary that they can’t win a general election.

As Rand Paul campaign manager David Adams noted at the start of the campaign: “It is absolutely essential that the republicans keep this seat.” Whether you are a Rand fan or a Trey fan–whoever wins, we need to rally behind them. We can not have another Harry Reid puppet occupying a seat from Kentucky. This Florida race maybe hundreds of miles away, but it is looking all too familiar. Continue fighting hard and pushing for your candidate to win, but begin preparing yourself mentally to support the other guy come May 19th.


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