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Battle of the Endorsements

April 23, 2010

In a battle royal, it is hard to know who would win in the endorsements of Trey Grayson and Rand Paul. In one corner, we’ve got Sarah Palin. The spunky Alaskan, known as the Barracuda in Wasilla, is a lean, mean bear killing machine. In the next corner, we have Rudy, not the hardworking football player, but the New York mayor who wants to take your gun. Then we have Senator Bunning, the flame-throwing Hall of Fame pitcher in one corner and Dick Cheney, the only nationally recognized politician in history from Wyoming and the only one in this fight who’s shot another human.

Lucky for Palin, Rudy and Bunning, these 4 don’t have to fight. But it does bring up an interesting question, who’s winning the battle of the endorsements?

Trey Grayson’s Posse: Trey’s big endorsements are from Rudy Giuliani and Dick Cheney. Both are considerate moderate republicans, and in Rudy’s case, maybe even liberal. Endorsements are graded on two scales: national recognition and popularity. Both get an A+ for being nationally recognized. The former Vice President is the end of more jokes than just about anybody in the County not named Tiger Woods and Rudy is still known for his leadership during the difficult time of 9/11. It is hard to argue that these two aren’t well known. If only that were all there was to it…

Popularity. Dick Cheney’s and Rudy Giuliani’s approval ratings among conservatives probably resemble the score of a baseball game. I’d be shocked if Cheney’s national approval rating reached double digits. In fact, Cheney is so unpopular, that he endorsed John McCain in 2008–because he hates him. Close Cheney aides laughed when they heard he was endorsing McCain. Most thought it was an olive branch of peace, Cheney aides said it was Cheney’s way of flipping McCain the bird. Neither are particularly popular, which is why they get a C+ for popularity. They’ll win Trey Grayson some moderate republican votes and would help in the general if he were to get there, but they don’t help when the candidate they’re endorsing keeps runnign to the right to keep up with his opponent.

Rand Paul’s posse: The big endorsements for Dr. Paul are Former Phillies great Jim Bunning and former Governor-turned-Rockstar Sarah Palin. Both are pretty far right on the political spectrum and both help tremendously in solidifying Rand’s conservative principles. In terms of National Recognition, both perform very well. Palin is as well known as it gets in the political realm, but you’re just as likely to see Bunning on ESPN as CNN…unless he’s filibustering. They get a solid A- in national recognition.

Both are becoming increasingly popular among conservatives. Palin is considered a frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination in 2012 and has a conservative base that is as big as it gets. She is also has a pretty big hate group, but she’s not going to lose any voters because of her endorsement, because she isn’t running for President. Bunning’s popularity has been growing since his principled filibuster and will help Dr. Paul tremendously. The pair gets an A for popularity.

It doesn’t take much to see who wins the battle of endorsements between Dr. Paul and Grayson. It is very similar to the race himself–outsider conservatives vs. the establishment. It should be a good race in the polls, but it’s not a good battle in endorsements as Rand wins in a blowout. (Unless of course Cheney gets a gun. Did you see the picture? Dude’s scary.)


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