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Victory for Rand Paul

May 19, 2010

After what has been a long and hard fought campaign, US Senate Candidate Rand Paul captured the hearts of Kentucky TEA Partiers and Republicans and in a stunning upset against the establishment, won the Republican primary in Kentucky.

Since day one, I told you Rand Paul was sprinting a marathon. I wondered at first if it would last–and did it ever. The first poll released showed Dr. Paul down 15 points and losing to a candidate backed by popular Senator and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. But Rand and his ideas of personal and economic liberty prevailed. Not only did Rand win. Not only did Rand win handily. But Rand won by a jaw-dropping 25 percentage points. This speaks amazing volumes to the work ethic of the campaign (including campaign manager David Adams and Candidate Rand Paul) and of the numerous volunteers from around the state who were able to make calls, knock on doors as well as be a walking advertisement for Rand Paul.

Tonight, the people of Kentucky took the first step on the national stage of bucking the establishment and begin the uphill climb to take back our Government. When I first began my work with this campaign, I believed it to be more of an ideological, issues-based campaign that would just hope to get it hands dirty and keep Grayson honest. I was right about one thing–it was most definitely issues-based and Rand never strayed from his message, even while parrying attacks from his opponent. But this was most certainly a campaign run to win. And win we did.

Many of time I have doubted the general electorate of the United States and Kentucky. Many times, I question the voters decision on certain issues and wonder what they were thinking when they pulled the lever. I question if they even made informed decisions. Not tonight. Tonight, common sense prevailed. Tonight, liberty prevailed. Term limits prevailed. Balanced budgets, lower taxes and sound, non-partisan decision making prevailed. Tonight is not a night when I question the voters choice because I know the voters made the right choice by choosing Dr. Rand Paul as their representative for the Republican Party and to be the next Kentucky Senator for the United States of America!


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