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About Me

About Me

My name is Derek King and I’m from the Western Part of the State of Kentucky. I’m mostly conservative, but I support candidates who are looking to change Washington, not become a part of it’s culture. I’m a Political Science and History major at the University of Kentucky and am planning on attending graduate school either in Law or Public Administration.

  1. “Rand Paul isn’t running for Senate. He’s Sprinting in a Marathon.”
    Rand Paul Wants Liberty Really Bad!

  2. Dave Elliott permalink

    Well, sprinting in a marathon is what you said in November – Its now March, and Trey is how far behind? He has now turned to some of the most desperate ads Kentucky has ever seen, and Rand’s grassroots volunteers are just barely getting started, Rand didn’t even have an official office until a couple of weeks ago. Rand is now 15-20 points ahead, and gaining with each poll. He has raised over $2 million so far, and has his one of his biggest fundraising events coming up. It may look like sprinting to someone with no legs, but really he’s just been walking along compared to what he will be doing now that the volunteers are getting geared up.

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