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Rand Paul begins the Final Stretch

The end of the marathon is finally here

Back in the waning months of the campaign in October and November, I told you Rand Paul was sprinting a marathon. Now that marathon is coming to a close. With officially less than a month before the Republican Primary in May, Secretary Grayson and Dr. Paul are trying to beat each other to the finish in the last mile of this long, grueling race.

Today, on April 19th, the Rand Paul campaign hosted what could be its final moneybomb. With plenty of successful moneybombs behind them, the Paul campaign has now eclipsed 2.5 million dollars for the campaign.

The Grayson campaign keeps throwing mud in their recent mail outs in the final weeks of the campaign. But it should be a tough, close battle regardless and something worth keeping an eye on.


Conservative Freshman Coalition

Logo for the Conservative Christian Coalition

Matt Lockett (Running for Congressman from KY-6th) has paired with Lee Bias (Running for spot in the WV-3rd) have founded a Coalition of Conservative, for incoming Freshman to the US Congress. From the website:

Simply put, this coalition will act as a compass in Congress.  The principles on which this coalition was founded will guide Congress into 2011 and beyond.  When you vote for one of the candidates in the coalition, you are voting for the entire coalition and the principles on which they come together.

This is a very interesting idea and a good thing for Governing after the election is over. More candidates should take this pledge and join this Coalition. The newly-formed Coalition already has 17 members and don’t be surprised to see it grow very fast. The “CFC” requires members to take “the Pledge” which is as follows:

I, ________________________________, hereby pledge, as a member of the 2010 Conservative Freshmen Coalition, to execute the oath of my elected office by:

·Upholding, supporting, defending, and advocating the Constitution of the United States of America.
·Supporting the passage of an amendment to the Constitution to pass a balanced and fiscally responsible federal budget.
·Supporting lower taxes for small businesses, the lifeblood of our economy, and by fighting to repeal harmful and excessive taxes that limit these small businesses from creating wealth.
·Supporting an amendment to the Constitution that requires term limits on all members of Congress.
·Supporting an authentic package of immigration reform in which immigrants will embrace America’s civic and political institutions by learning our founding documents and learning the English language.  Furthermore, I believe it is the duty of our federal government to enforce our nation’s preexisting immigration laws and continue to heighten the security surrounding our borders to ensure the legal entry of immigrants into our country.  I will not, under any circumstance, support amnesty for illegal aliens.

These five basic principles will preserve the institution of Congress and preserve this historic body as it was originally intended by our founders as written in the Constitution.  We will strive to execute each of these principles at the will of the constituents we represent, and we will faithfully, responsibly, and honestly accept these guiding principles as our motto during our freshman year in Congress.

If you support the CFC, consider visiting the website and becoming a fan on facebook. If you are a believer of this cause, help get it off the ground!

Paul pushes TEA Party to Broaden Platform

Coverage of the TEA parties fair as usual.

In an article in the Lexington-Herald today, Ryan Alessi reported that Rand Paul is calling for an expansion of the TEA Party platform. Paul was quoted as saying:

“To me, they’re reform issues. I see them as having great popularity,” he said later in Lexington. “I think they’re things that not only would attract Republicans, but Democrats and independents too.”

Read more:

This is another example of why Rand Paul is bucking the establishment tradition of politics and fighting for all Kentuckians. In the middle of a two-way horse race that has pushed the Republican primary to the right of the political spectrum, Rand Paul’s proposal is that the TEA Party should appeal to Republicans, Independents and even Democrats.

Just days after being called “The only conservative in the race” by Senator Jim Bunning, it also appears Dr. Paul is going to appeal to a broader group of voters during the general election as well. However, as the Dr. Paul campaign team noted today in an email, despite the 15 point lead, there is no time to slack off and finishing strong is vital.

It should be fun to watch this primary as it winds down, finally finishing on May 18th.

Bunning endorses Rand Paul

HOF Pitcher Jim Bunning.

Senator Jim Bunning has endorsed Rand Paul, a candidate in the race for United States Senate. It is not often that you find a man recommending someone else for his job, especially in this economy, but this is what we have. Bunning became popular among Republicans and the more conservative sect of the party when he filibustered 10 billion dollar, job benefit extension.

The endorsement should have a power impact–possibly even more so than that of Sarah Palin. Although Palin is loved by the TEA Party,  Bunning is probably even more popular among Kentucky republicans. After endorsing Paul, he called him the “only true conservative in the race.” High praise coming from Kentucky’s most conservative Senator.

Rand Paul has no doubt won the battle of the endorsements. Sarah Palin and Jim Bunning vs. Dick Cheney? (I’ve looked into it and am still unable to find out if the Cheney endorsement is supposed to help Grayson) There is really no contest here.

Obama only leads Ron Paul by 1 point for 2012

Today, Rasmussen Reports released a poll that put President Barack Obama at 42% and Texas Congressman Ron Paul at 41% for the race for President 2012.

This is huge news as it is likely the Tea Party is picking Congressman Paul as their leader. Paul, who has run for President before, has rarely run in the front of the pack. It seems now he has a good shot with the Tea Party rising and this administration falling.

Ron Paul’s son, Dr. Rand Paul, is running for Senate in the state of Kentucky and is leading his opponent Trey Grayson by 15 points.

I will bring you more on this later. Here is the link to Rasmussen Reports. Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

Interview with Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson for Governor 2011?

Recently, I asked former Senate Candidate Bill Johnson some questions about his Senate run and where he would go from here. His name has been linked to running for Governor and it appears he has the interest in the job. Here is the interview:

Kentucky Politics: How did you become involved in politics?

Bill Johnson: The continued Constitutional malpractice coming out of Washington compelled me to action. I took an oath to defend the constitution when I joined the Military. It is time for ordinary citizens to step forward and ensure America remains the land of the free.

KP: What were some factors that have influenced your political ideology up to this point?

BJ: I have always been a conservative in the mold of Ronald Reagan. My self-reliance and independence drives my actions and I don’t like Government to stand in my way.

KP: You recently dropped out of the race for the US Senate. You were becoming more popular and gaining name recognition. What was your main reason for bowing out?

BJ: Money, I simply could not raise enough money in time to run the needed mass media advertising. Unfortunately, money drives all aspects of politics including media coverage.

KP: You haven’t yet endorsed a candidate for the Senate race that you were once a part of. Do you plan to?

BJ: No, I intend to stay neutral. I consider both Trey and Rand my friends. I have many supporters from both campaigns and need to remain my own person.

KP: Of the two candidates, do you have a favorite or maybe one whose ideas you agree with more?

BJ: They are very different candidates. I would not have entered the race last summer if I felt either was ideal for the office. I would like to see veterans and business leaders in Washington.

KP: After dropping out, where do you go from here?

BJ: Back to work!

KP: Your name has been linked to running for Governor is 2011. What are your thoughts on this?

BJ: I am considering a run if the ground swell is there. My intentions will become clear by early June at the latest.

KP: If you had been elected to the US Senate, what would have been your goals?

BJ: Continued support for our military. Energy policy based on fossil fuels and nuclear. Reducing the size of government by elimination of Department of Education, EPA, and IRS as a start. Promote and move toward a fair tax to replace the current tax system. Balanced budgets and debt reduction.

KP: What if you were to be elected Governor?

BJ: Improve education, reduce the KY debt, and promote job creation.

KP: Describe the Barack Obama administration in one sentence or less.

BJ: Socialist, blame America first liberals.

KP: Describe the healthcare bill in one sentence or less.

BJ: Unconstitutional medical malpractice.

KP: If you could say anything to every citizen in Kentucky about our future, what would it be?

BJ:Get involved, the time is now to defend our nation from the socialist pit of oppression.

KP: Thank you for your time.

BJ: Thanks Derek.

Bill Johnson forms Exploratory Committee

Speaking of Governors...

Bill Johnson is apparently forming an exploratory committee to consider a run at the Governorship. Johnson, who recently dropped out of the Campaign for US Senate, began to gain traction among followers but simply couldn’t catch up to the already massive followings of Trey Grayson and Dr. Rand Paul. His name has been floating around for awhile as a possible candidate to run for Governor in 2011, and it certainly seems he is interested. A Facebook group has also been started, and Bill says he will “will form an exploratory committee to begin raising money if we can get 1500 active and dedicated KY supporters on this page.”

There you have it. The group at around 440 members as of now and probably will be even more when you read this. It will be interesting to watch this situation as it develops.

Bill Johnson for Governor 2011 Facebook group.